Saturday, April 3, 2010

rice noodles with beef - a quick nameless last supper

P3010539My last night here in Orange County was an exhausting one. Packing was hectic enough, but trying to make sure I accomplished all my goals while being here was even more worrisome (I was here for only a mere 5 days). In the midst of attempting to share all my stories with my family, along with gaining all the knowledge I could from my grandparents, I did something I rarely ever do- I forgot about food. How could something like that happen to me of all people?

Luckily, I was surrounded by other food-conscious people (my entire family, actually). My aunt was already one step ahead of the game by preparing an easy yet equally tasty final dinner for me.

Before I begin and make this sound even more awkward, I have to tell you- I have no idea what this dish is called. I do recall them telling me, so it must have a name; but I just can't think of it at the moment. Whatever it's referred to as, the gist of this meal is basically this: Rice noodles, ground beef, stock, and accoutrement.

While everyone was running doing their assigned jobs, I stopped to take a moment and observe this little corner in the kitchen. There it was- a peculiar grating gadget and a beautiful chunk of raw ginger. I hunched over and took a photo of this amazing sight, only to be startled when my aunt turned around and asked me what the hell I was doing. Well, apparently I appreciate the little things in life- literally. I love taking an overlooked unimportant object and elevating it to the status of a beautiful piece of art. I sound cheesy, I know.

As typical dishes I've tasted at my grandmother's house, it begins by building the foundation. First is always the noodles/rice, with the soup/broth poured on top. These rice noodles may look strange and albino, but honestly they're delicious enough to be eaten alone. Plopped atop these mock fettuccine noodles is a heaping amount of ground beef (properly seasoned, of course).

The brothy soup gets added along with the desired greens. And voila- an easy dinner that satisfied the stomach and still gave everyone enough time to do what they needed.

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