Friday, April 2, 2010

chocolate easter cupcakes - the birthday girl keeps getting gypped

chocolate easter decorated cupcakes - 33Recall the decadent flourless chocolate cake my cousins and I created? Well as you know, the cake came out flawless and we were immensely satisfied. But what about the birthday girl who were originally going to bake the cake for? She, unknowingly, had just been denied the privilege of such a cake (or any birthday bakery for that matter). So while at the grocery store shopping for the ingredients in our indulgent flourless chocolate cake, we quickly grabbed a box of chocolate cake mix.

chocolate easter decorated cupcakes - 01chocolate easter decorated cupcakes - 03
Anyone who knows me (even someone who is barely able to call me an acquaintance) will tell you how much I detest using anything boxed. With that said, this is not my friend's birthday cake, nor am I the one buying the ingredients.

chocolate easter decorated cupcakes - 05chocolate easter decorated cupcakes - 08
Needless to say, I did not oppose to my cousin's choice of this box cake mix. I mean after all, I have found a great doctored recipe to use on box cake mix. Every time I've used it- the cake had been flawless and extremely delicious. Never any issues whatsoever.

chocolate easter decorated cupcakes - 09
Something I hadn't realized until after we placed the cupcakes in the oven was that this wasn't the typical Betty Crocker cake mix. I reread the box and it appeared to be one of those special fancy super-de-duper moist cakes. Well, I mean whatever. I guess the cake would be superly extremely moist then. No one ever complains when a cake is too moist, right?

chocolate easter decorated cupcakes - 11chocolate easter decorated cupcakes - 12
Funny thing is that we had so much extra batter (from all my add-ins) that we could make a whole batch of cupcakes plus a little 8x8 tin. We figured my cousin could decorate and give the 8x8 cake to her friend, and we'd keep the cupcakes for ourselves (muaha). Shown here are the cupcakes my little cousins and I decorated. I commend them on their great decorating skills (I'm loving my little cousin's carrot here).

chocolate easter decorated cupcakes - 15chocolate easter decorated cupcakes - 18
If you haven't got the hint by now, these cupcakes were specifically decorated with Easter themes in mind (given the date and all). This cute little bunny rabbit (don't forget the cute grass as well) was my creation.

chocolate easter decorated cupcakes - 20chocolate easter decorated cupcakes - 25
Okay- I'll pat my own back on this one. I mean come on, given the circumstances and tools around me, I did an awesome job. We were given a can of vanilla icing, 4 shades of food coloring, a butter knife and a few ziplocks. Voila! Imagine what I could accomplish with fancy cake decorating tools.

chocolate easter decorated cupcakes - 36chocolate easter decorated cupcakes - 42
After the mini photoshoot with my bunny, it was time for a taste test. We all sat there with our cupcakes in hand, ready to taste my supposedly awesome doctored-up box cake mix. Let's spare the details here. The cupcake tasted fine, nothing spectacular, however was more so on the moist side. Although not technically a fail, I do feel bad for the poor birthday girl who was given the 8x8 inch cake of this stuff. Because of its size, that cake must have undoubtedly been extra moist. Happy birthday to my cousin's friend! (Hehe).

Taken from multiple sources and mostly from experience.

1 box cake mix (for future reference, don't get anything already super moist)
1 box instant pudding mix (flavor depending on the type of cake, for this we used chocolate)
1 cup sour cream
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup vegetable oil
4 large eggs

Bake as directed on box.

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