Saturday, November 14, 2009

abundance of halloween cupcakes

05 Once the date reached October 1st, I knew I had to start planning on what I would bake for Halloween. I love finding excuses for baking/creating things! So I decided upon Halloween cupcakes (mostly because I wanted to attempt my first decorating/piping skills). I began researching ideas for spooky/Halloweenish cupcakes online... mostly on my cell phone while I was in class lol. I even got to the point where I tore out a sheet of paper from my notebook and proceeded to draw them down. The kids sitting behind me must have thought I was a nutcase lol. Needless to say, that piece of paper helped me in the long run.

I decided on October 30th to proceed with my creations (Friday's are my designated "baking days"). I began with the intent of baking 1 batch of cake mix cupcakes. I used the butter cake mix, which I decided to try to make orange to go with the Halloween theme. Unfortunately it just made it look like regular yellow cake- what a waste of food coloring. I also added some additions (mayo- my secret ingredient!), along with a filling. I researched fillings and couldn't decide on which I liked better- chocolate chip cookie dough or cream cheese filling, so I divided the batch in half. I also made only a few mixed with Halloween colored sprinkles, but since they didn't turn out as well, I shortly thereafter stopped.

First row: sprinkles
Second row: chocolate chip cookie filled
Third & fourth rows: cream cheese filled (which is the cause of the dip- but- that just means more frosting!)

Next batch. Less sprinkles.

However, somewhere after making a good amount of yellow/orange butter cupcakes (more than suggested on the box, because remember they're all filled so I used less batter for each)... I just decided they weren't enough for my beautiful creations I had in mind. Thus, I made another batch- devil’s food cake (also stuffed hehe).

First I just want to note that this is the following day (October 31st), as I hadn't had enough time to finish the previous day lol. So this is at my boyfriend's house, where I made a huge mess over their dining table. I plopped down with my multiple ramekins full of colored frosting and cookie sheets full of cupcakes. I’m not sure if the family thought I was nuts or not, but I enjoyed myself lol. Notice the ziplocs in the back mimicking piping bags. At least they worked!

Finally finished! And here are my final products. I personally liked the blue monster with the teeth, or even the green guy with a bunch of eyes. But everyone else seemed to prefer the mummy (probably because it had the most frosting lol).

Cream of the crop lol.

The pink one is brains (no one got that).

Family photo with all the cupcakes (minus 5, probably more that I don't know of lol, which got eaten in the process). I just want to say for the record that I did not make the bottom left two on the cookie sheet! My boyfriend made them and I didn't even want them on the sheet but it'd look odd if there was a gap missing.

Poor little guy doesn't know what's coming up next....

..I ate him! teehee. Cream cheese filled and he was sure tasty.

So final conclusion- My love for baking surpasses the amount of bakery that people are capable of eating lol. I even brought back a bunch for my roommates and other friends, yet there was still a ton left over! Actually, just yesterday I managed to sneak out the last bin-full left in my boyfriend's family's fridge and threw them out. BE GONE HALLOWEEN CUPCAKES! I hate seeing you guys everyday!

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