Sunday, November 22, 2009

horrible sugar cookies = experimentation

'Twas a Friday... so I baked! I figured I'd bake cookies for my roommate who's birthday had just passed (I felt the chocolate cake just didn't do it for me). She loves sugar cookies, and I was just tempted to try my first rolling-cookies experience, so sugar cookies it was!

When looking for recipes, I always turn to Google. I typed "soft sugar cookie recipe" and chose one at random. BIG MISTAKE. Let's just skip to the bad stuff because quite honestly I'm so angry. These cookies came out cakey and mushy and just plain horrible. I felt bad so I decided to make the best of it and fiddle around with these pieces of crap.

First I chose to frost them with frosting (seeing as how these were basically like slices of cake anyways). I then drizzled chocolate (to get rid of that crappy cake taste) and make fancy-shmancy decorations. I figured the more fancy it looked, the better it would taste- Not really.

After baking the first few batches of those large cookies, I noticed something was wrong with them. Attempting to fix my cookies mid-way, I used tiny cookie cutters to hopefully make them not as cakey. Didn't really help- they were just smaller pieces of cakey dough. I played around with these and dipped one side in royal icing and the other in chocolate. They were actually okay tasting, but nothing special. They more so just look cute.

This was the more successful of the bunch. I got so fed up that I crushed the remaining cookies into little cookie crumbs. I then added buttercream frosting, just enough to make sticky balls with. These little balls were rolled in melted chocolate and topped off with powdered sugar. And voila, there you have mock-truffles! These actually tasted good- well anything tastes good to me if chocolate's involved.

Needless to say, I hated this day and I hated these damned cookies.

I'm not even going to post this horrible recipe. I don't want this misfortune to happen to anyone else.

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