Sunday, March 21, 2010

flourless chocolate cake - no cake for the birthday girl

flourless chocolate cake - 28After spending a few days with my family in California, I realized how much I've matured. Although I'll probably always remain slightly immature and silly (maybe more than just slightly), at least I can understand the importance of family and bonding time. Throughout our little "bonding moments", multiple stories had been exposed of my cooking/baking experiences. It must had been so strange for them to hear me baking huge layered cakes and cooking penne alla vodka. Among these food stories was the decadent flourless chocolate cake, which particularly excited one of my cousins.

flourless chocolate cake - 01flourless chocolate cake - 06
Apparently she had been thinking of making this cake for her friend's birthday the following week. Goodie roo! Now that I am the baking expert (or so I'd like to think), I offered my assistance in this project.

flourless chocolate cake - 14flourless chocolate cake - 17
While we gathered the ingredients in the grocery store, the thought hit us that if this were a cake to be given away, we would have no chance to eat it for ourselves. Destructed by the thought of not being able to taste the deliciousness ourselves, we opted to instead bake this cake for ourselves (selfish much?).

flourless chocolate cake - 21flourless chocolate cake - 25
Moving along, the process went fairly smoothly. I had my two younger cousins following my every order while I watched over them carefully. The chocolate got properly melted and the egg whites were gently whipped. Once the two bowls were folded together (by the delicate hands of yours truly, of course), we poured it into our baking dish.

flourless chocolate cake - 30
While I prepared the plating and slicing of the cake, my aunty whipped up a bowl of raspberry sauce to drizzle over. From what I recall it was frozen raspberries and sugar cooked over the stove.

flourless chocolate cake - 33
Basically everything came out perfectly flawless. I couldn't have been more happy that we decided to make this cake for ourselves, rather than for some little girl's birthday.


Recipe found here.

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