Monday, January 18, 2010

fondue party - a.k.a. the best double date

Although I already posted the baked ziti and the cookie-dough-filled cupcakes, I thought it was only fitting that I'd post the rest of the goodies we ate at the Fondue Party.

01 - fondue party - spinach artichoke and bacon dip
After arriving to my friend's place, we immediately began preparing our food. My friend, who had gotten a fondue pot from her boyfriend (hence, the whole reason why we were here) readied her pot, and began dumping the needed ingredients inside.

07 - fondue party - spinach artichoke and bacon dip09 - fondue party - spinach artichoke and bacon dip
The dip was really good and really creamy. I didn't know beer went into dip but apparently I was the only one uninformed of this. I also loved the little pieces of bacon; it really pulled this dip together.

08 - fondue party - spinach artichoke and bacon dip
The pile of little chips got eaten so quickly that they had to open up the bag of large chips (which was to be saved for the nachos)- But how could we resist? The dip was so good!

02 - fondue party - spinach artichoke and bacon dip
Shortly after the moment I took this photo, the pot was completely empty thanks to my boyfriend. What I find especially interesting is that my boyfriend hates vegetables (especially spinach), yet absolutely loves spinach artichoke dip. Once again, I prove to myself that he doesn't even know what he likes/dislikes (hehe, I know him better than he knows himself- but I'll never tell him).

10 - fondue party - nachos with cheese, beans, bacon, chicken11 - fondue party - nachos with cheese, beans, bacon, chicken
After a bit of digesting (a matter of 5 minutes), we prepared the baking sheet for the nachos. First was a layer of chips, followed by a layer of cheese and refried beans. My boyfriend (who I know hates beans), told our friends that he was "allergic" to beans, so that they would leave a corner of nachos bean-less. I, of course, later informed them that he was full of shit.

16 - fondue party - nachos with cheese, beans, bacon, chicken17 - fondue party - nachos with cheese, beans, bacon, chicken
Some cooked chicken and bacon gets layered on top of that. And most importantly, a final sprinkle of some more cheese (yay) and scallions get added to the top before being placed in the oven to melt.

18 - fondue party - margaritas19 - fondue party - margaritas
Meanwhile, my friend and I focused our energy on more important matters - booze. Margaritas were planned for the evening, so she already bought our needed ingredients - Tequila, Triple Sec, and lime juice. According to her, the composition was 3 parts tequila, 2 parts tripe sec, and 1 part lime juice.

20 - fondue pary - margaritas
Now I've never made a margarita, nor am I familiar with the division of parts, but to me it sounded a little off...perhaps a little too boozy, even for my taste. But I listened to her and dipped the cups in salt while awaiting for our concoction to form. The taste? Very boozy. Not too boozy that I couldn't drink it, but definitely not margarita-y. It wasn't slushy enough. Our later drinks we used more than 1 or 2 ice cubes (yes she was an ice cube Nazi) and those ones were slightly slushier.

24 - fondue party - nachos with cheese, beans, bacon, chicken
Ahh, finally. Our nachos were ready. The cheese was nice and melted, the bacon was crispy, and my mouth was yearning for some 'chos.

26 - fondue party - nachos with cheese, beans, bacon, chicken
Unfortunately the toppings weren't evenly distributed (not including the portion of missing beans), so some chips were fully loaded with the goods, and some chips were left naked.

29 - fondue party - nachos with cheese, beans, bacon, chicken
I hoarded the motherload piece, and my excuse was "it's for the blog" (hehe, it works every time).

baked ziti - 22
As if that wasn't enough food, I then put my baked ziti in the oven to finish baking.

cookie dough filled cupcakes - 18
But of course, it wouldn't be a party if I hadn't baked some goodies. Chocolate-chip-cookie-dough-stuffed-cupcakes were baked for the party, by request of my friend. As good as they were, they were not the only goodies I brought.

edible cookie dough (and bakeable cookies) - 15edible cookie dough (and bakeable cookies) - 11
The cookie dough I brought was bakeable and edible on their own. So after we unbuckled our belts (or reshaped our leggings, in our case), we ate a whole wad of cookie dough to top the night off.

32 - fondue party - jets game31 - fondue party - puppy
The love of my life, and the love of his life. Needless to say, the food was great, and spending time with my friends was even greater.

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