Sunday, January 3, 2010

wontons stuffed with my rav filling - i refuse to throw away good cheese

wontons with mushroom & ricotta - 22I still had a plastic bag full of tasty mushroom-ricotta filling in the fridge (from my partially successful raviolis) and I needed to do something with it. I mean, there's no reason to get rid of a perfectly good mixture of mushrooms and cheese. I'm not sure if this should even be posted here, considering it's not technically a recipe... But I feel this is more of a redemption for me considering my raviolis didn't quite come out well. I replaced my thick homemade pasta dough with store bought wonton wrappers (hey, if I could, I would make my own wonton wrappers... but that's just pushing it).

wontons with mushroom & ricotta - 01
Opposed to the raviolis where I used 2 sheets of dough, I only used 1 sheet of the wonton wrappers to fold around my filling.

wontons with mushroom & ricotta - 03wontons with mushroom & ricotta - 05
I began with folding the corners upwards, almost like a purse. I made a few variations of this purse-style, mostly because I wasn't pleased with the way it kept coming out.

wontons with mushroom & ricotta - 06
My mother who was sitting next to me making her own versions, decided to fold them over lazily hot-dog style. So basically we had a whole family of odd shaped wontons - Multiple purse styles, hot-dogs, hamburgers, circles, anything you can imagine.

wontons with mushroom & ricotta - 11wontons with mushroom & ricotta - 10
So go figure- the only ones that burst and spilled out while baking in the oven were my odd-shaped purse ones. The simple shaped ones (a.k.a. the ones my mom made) held their own and remained perfectly intact.

wontons with mushroom & ricotta - 13wontons with mushroom & ricotta - 16
I arranged them on a plate for little appetizers for us to eat before our actual dinner.

wontons with mushroom & ricotta - 21
So how did they taste?- Exactly the same as the raviolis except with a much less noticeable dough surrounding the filling.

wontons with mushroom & ricotta - 24
These were much more enjoyed than my ravioli and actually made a perfect little app. Believe it or not, the dough really did make a large impact on how tasty the final product was.


For the filling recipe, click here.

1. Spread about a teaspoon of filling in the center of each wonton wrapper.
2. Get a small bowl of water and with your fingertips wet the edges of the wrapper.
3. Wrap them up however you please, although I'd obviously now suggest a simple fold over.
4. Place them on a baking pan and drizzle oil on both sides of all the wontons.
5. Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 10 or so minutes, or until they look done.

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