Friday, August 20, 2010

cream cheese deviled eggs - let me upgrade yaaa

I love my grandmother to death and I try to visit her as often as I can. Since I have begun my recent rollercoaster journey through cooking-enjoyment, we have learned to create a systematic plan of how my trip generally goes. The first day of my arrival, we fill the shopping cart to the brim with all essential groceries I could ever possibly need; we pick out a few cooking magazines/books; then we begin our plan of attack. I then write all possible recipes I plan to recreate, and then organize them in a timely manner. Amidst all of my calculations, I usually let my grandma flip through some of the recipes to see what she'd like to make.

Really grandma? You want to make deviled-frikin-eggs? There's hundreds of recipes in these magazines- everything from french onion soup to red bean chili to eggplant parmigiana- and yet she picked the most basic and easiest one.

Whatever grandma wants, is what grandma gets. Although not entirely- I'm planning on sprucing it up a bit. Cream cheese and bacon- absolutely nothing can go wrong with this combination.

Fun fact: The smell of fresh hard boiled eggs makes me dry heave. After my near vomit experience, I shoved the creamy cream cheese filling into a large ziplock bag, creating a makeshift piping bag (I'm so nifty with this shit).

And voila- fancy shmancy curly piped delived eggs. Can it get any cuter? (Answer: Yes. Scroll down).

Little bits of crispy bacon! I made it rain on them hoes.

The bacon first and foremost lent a crunchy texture that the soft filling needed. Equally important (in my aesthetically-driven mind, at least), the bacon helped create a gorgeous contrast in color. And last but not least- the little adorable deviled eggs tasted fucking delicious. Mission accomplished.

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