Saturday, August 21, 2010

stuffed tomatoes - valiant effort to save the day

P8260166I'm not one to let things go to waste. If I'm going to spend $8 a pound for good parmigiano reggiano cheese to make crappy crackers, I'm going to at least turn those crackers into something magical. I refuse to be defeated by these measly chalky crumbly pieces of edible goodness. If I could somehow manifest the taste and flavors into something more palatable, then this recipe could be pulled together.

By crumbling the already crumbled crackers, I was able to make a creamy filling for these tomatoes.

I've never made stuffed tomatoes before, but I couldn't imagine it'd be that hard. I mean, you don't need a rocket scientist to figure out how to seed, stuff, and bake a tomato.

I retract that last statement. I should have read a recipe first, fuck.

The skins were inedible at this point, and had to be pulled off before eating. The filling was perfect, but the cheesy crust on the top should have been covered with foil before baking.

Only once a person removed the bottom skin and peeled away the top cheese crust, could they enjoy my very first attempt at a stuffed tomato.

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