Saturday, August 21, 2010

raspberry custard pie - really? you'll actually eat my pie for me?

P8250347One of my biggest dilemmas in life is that I can't eat an entire pie by myself. Believe it or not, this little issue presents the everyday home baker with many problems. Let's say I find a great recipe for a pie. First I'd obviously have to bake it, then I'd have my typical slice to taste it. Now what the fuck am I supposed to do with the 90% of the leftover pie? I only wanted one goddamn slice. I could, of course, have one piece of pie for every meal for the next ten days- but that'd be just stupid and calorie consuming. I also have the option of giving it to people (such as my roommates), but that would completely dictate what type of pie I could make in the first place (just my luck for having picking roommates). My baking has now been forced to revolve around what to do with my leftover goodies.

While chillin' with some of my grandma's buddies at the local nursing home, the topic of desserts came up. I willingly offered to bake anything for them as long as it was all eaten up and out of my sight. Lucky me- I have miraculously found a group of old ladies so senile enough that they'd eat my pie for me!

The choice of dessert was obviously in their hands. A raspberry custard pie came up, and I was instantly convinced this would be immensely delectable. I rarely ever get to make custards (due to my picky crowd back at home) and I rarely get to use fresh fruit (the broke college student role coming into play). I was originally planning on adding blackberries as well, but unfortunately due to an empty stomach those were quickly devoured.

Okay, quick play-by-play as to what's going on here: Crust is not a basic pie crust; it's more of a crumbly shortbread dough with chopped walnuts. Main layer is a basic vanilla custard, already baked and cooled. On top of that is a layer of warmed raspberry preserves, which was intended to congeal and firm up in the fridge. Additional raspberries were placed in the preserves mostly for aesthetics (what else is new).

Dreams really can come true. What you see here is one single slice of pie- that is all. The remaining 90% of my pie is somewhere in a nursing home- and I really don't care what its future holds.

Lesson be learned: Find a group of old people willing to get their hands on freshly baked goodies. I'll be sure to start my search at all nursing homes and assistant living facilities from now on.

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