Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Now, I'm going to do something weird and futuristic- I'm going to talk to my blog from myself from the future.
In all honesty, since my last post (8/22/10), I have: moved into a new house with my two roommates, finished my final two semesters of college, graduated college shortly thereafter, moved out of my house with my two roommates, moved into an apartment in Astoria NY, got a job at a restaurant, moved yet again to another apartment in Astoria NY with my boyfriend, got another job at a restaurant, and throughout everything I have maintained my sanity.
Why no new blog entries you ask? Weren't you still taking an abundant amount of photos of your home-cooked meals? Weren't you aesthetically arranging the dishes according to perspective angles and accurate light composure? And last I've heard, you still need food on a daily basis to survive... So what's the deal?

Well, myself from the past, simply put, I just haven't fucking got around to it. Yeah, in the beginning I still took the stupid photos with my pretty (new) digital camera. They eventually got put into the "Unnamed Folder" on my computer (which, interestingly enough, eventually broke). Then, the whole moving-in-with-my-boyfriend-thing happened. Guess what?... When you're feeding more than one person, there tends to be rules and regulations. There are limits on types of foods, times for the food to be consumed, prices of foods, all types of food-obscurities that have previously evaded my conscious.

Like seriously, what is up with this shit? Not trying to be bitter or anything, but part of me feels like the joy of cooking has been sucked out of me. I think somewhere between my last blog post and now, I have transformed into an everyday cynical adult. Luckily for myself and my (imaginary) readers, I have had a lapse of judgment and I have once again been enlightened by the satisfaction and enthusiasm of cooking.

Please excuse me while I gather up my photos and content and desperately attempt to piece back together my missing blog entries.

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