Sunday, August 22, 2010

pepperoni pizza - easy as pie (pizza pie, that is)

P8260253"Do you want to order pizza tonight for dinner?"
"No, grandma. Just this past year I learned how to cook, so I mean, I should like cook things for you. You know?"
"Oh sure honey. Can we cook pizza then?"
... So to appease all sides, we instead opted to create a pizza at home. I'm not quite ready to make a pizza dough from scratch (I've only made one yeast bread before- honey whole wheat bread- and although it was successful, I'm not emotionally ready for the second time around).

Enter: Pillsbury pizza dough in a can.

Okay, so for once I cut a few corners- kill me. Canned tomato sauce, shredded mozzarella, and sliced pepperoni helped out too.

Who knew pizza was this easy to make? No joke- it tasted like a regular pizza you could have got from anywhere.

I mean, nothing to write home about. But at the same time, it took literally 5 minutes, allowed me to put whatever toppings I wanted, and made my grandma happy. Score.

Stringy mozzarella cheese is my shit.

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