Saturday, March 20, 2010

chewy chunky blondies - trying to satisfy all parties is impossible

chewy, chunky blondies - 12So, do you think my boyfriend was happy after I stole half of his batch of chocolate chip cookies to give to my relatives in California? Hmm, not so much. What about when I told him I was baking another batch of cookies for my family to sample? Probably, but not until he heard they were oatmeal raisin cookies (supposedly one of his most hated type of cookie). So what to do with a grouch pants that is in dire need of baked goodness? Resort to the best- My famous chunky, chewy blondies. Absolutely deelish' and positively going to satisfy my boyfriend.

chewy, chunky blondies - 04chewy, chunky blondies - 05
The recipe is fairly simple and easy to make (well, it also helps that I've made these blondies numerous times before).

chewy, chunky blondies - 08
Ahh, the familiar look of these little square nuggets of gold. I don't think I'll ever get sick of these blondies. The texture and flavor combined is exactly perfect, and sure to satisfy any chewy chocolate chip cookie lover.

chewy, chunky blondies - 15chewy, chunky blondies - 13
The only real dilemma was how to portion the amount of blondies for each party. I mean, I want to give my boyfriend all the blondies his heart desires, but at the same time I want to have enough presents to give to my family in California. Decisions, decisions.

chewy, chunky blondies - 18
Well, my boyfriend will just have to survive with half a batch of blondies and half a batch of chocolate chip cookies (damn, I am such a horrible girlfriend). Needless to say, my boyfriend was not so happy about this ordeal, but my family on the other hand, well they seemed to love these blondies just as much as the rest of us.


Recipe found here.

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