Wednesday, March 17, 2010

green clover sugar cookies - how to convince a picky eater

green shamrock sugar cookies - 81Mid-baking my green lime cheesecake, the fear of failure came over me. What if my cheesecake came out like crap? What if I really didn't like lime flavored things? Damn- I needed a for-sure thing that I knew my boyfriend and I would enjoy- I mean, I couldn't ruin Saint Patrick's Day for us! (Joke, because neither of us are Irish, nor do we care about the holiday itself). Well we all know my boyfriend absolutely loves chocolate chip cookies, but those couldn't be tinted green without looking like crap (literally). I went through other cookie recipes, specifically looking for light colored ones. All arrows pointed to sugar cookies- supposedly one of my boyfriend's "least favorite cookie".

green shamrock sugar cookies - 03green shamrock sugar cookies - 09
Ehh, who the hell cares! I've changed his mind so many other times (making him change his favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, watching him enjoy underbaked cookies, tricking him into liking eggnog cookies, and the list goes on). I'm sure with enough convincing, he'll learn to love these sugar cookies as much as I do. And remember now, I've been on the quest to find the perfect sugar cookie for a while... and I think I finally found it.

green shamrock sugar cookies - 14green shamrock sugar cookies - 15
Dumb action for the day: Adding the food coloring to the dry batter. Duhh, I should have rethought that one. It was pretty hard to thoroughly mix the color evenly (and we know how terrified I am of overmixing batter).

green shamrock sugar cookies - 23green shamrock sugar cookies - 30
Okay, so the dough was slightly speckled with different shades of green, but whatever. I rolled the dough into three evenly sized balls and slightly squished them on top of another.

green shamrock sugar cookies - 45
During the baking process, the there little balls overlapped and formed a bond, creating these mini three-leaf clovers!

green shamrock sugar cookies - 59green shamrock sugar cookies - 65
But, we know I could do better than that. First of all, clovers are supposed to have four leaves (I guess I had a brain fart earlier), and second of all, the overlapping effect wasn't working for me.

green shamrock sugar cookies - 62green shamrock sugar cookies - 79
I also made them smaller- making them even more cuter (if that was even possible).

green shamrock sugar cookies - 85green shamrock sugar cookies - 84
So what did my picky-eater think of these sugar cookies? I know him all too well- he obviously enjoyed them because the entire plate was gone before Saint Patrick's Day was even over. The funny thing was he didn't even realize he was devouring sugar cookies. Only after all the clovers were missing did I ask him, "So you do like sugar cookies?", to which he replied, "I guess so". End of story.

Taken from Cook's Illustrated.

Recipe found here.

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