Sunday, March 14, 2010

homemade pizza - technically not from scratch

homemade sausage and cheese pizza - 21Every Sunday I wake my lazy ass up to go watch my boyfriend play flag football. He's in this league thing where they challenge other teams and play football with flags apparently (can you tell I know nothing about sports?). After the game, I went back to my house while he cleaned up and calmed down his testosterone. I wanted to bake a batch of cookie dough, but surprisingly I had no brown sugar left! This unusual travesty caused me to go to my favorite supermarket, where I stumbled upon a bag of pizza dough on sale. Sure, why not?

homemade sausage and cheese pizza - 01homemade sausage and cheese pizza - 02
I took my sack of dough to my boyfriend's house, along with a can of tomato puree and a cube of mozzarella. I thought we'd figure out the rest of the details once I got there.

homemade sausage and cheese pizza - 07homemade sausage and cheese pizza - 09
After spreading out the dough on a baking sheet, my boyfriend spooned on some of the tomato puree. Being the anti-tomato-person he was, he only put a few measly spoonfulls on the dough. On the other hand, me being the cheese-fiend, I forced him to use the entire brick of mozzarella. To make the tomato sauce not so bland, we sprinkled some oregano and seasonings on top.

homemade sausage and cheese pizza - 15homemade sausage and cheese pizza - 13
As for the toppings, we basically had to stick to whatever we had on hand. He wanted a meaty topping (I should have known), so he chopped a ton of meatballs in half and threw them on. Me, on the other hand, (other than being cheesy) I wanted the pizza to be veggie-full. I brought a can of olives (which we only used about 5 olives because my boyfriend hates them) and there was a leftover half of red bell pepper in the fridge.

homemade sausage and cheese pizza - 21homemade sausage and cheese pizza - 18
Mmm, once the kitchen filled with the smell of hot pizza, we knew it was ready to take out. Although it doesn't look fancy or pretty, the rustic look was homey and organic.

homemade sausage and cheese pizza - 24homemade sausage and cheese pizza - 23
I cut a big slice for myself and (after taking a ton of pics) I took a bite. Tasted like regular pizza surprisingly- but a very meaty pizza. My boyfriend had to cut the huge chunks of meatballs every square inch of the pizza.

homemade sausage and cheese pizza - 32homemade sausage and cheese pizza - 27
Although this pizza has nothing on the New York pizzerias, it surpassed my expectations. I guess these little storebought packs of pizza dough really do work. Next time, because yes there will be a next time, I plan to cut back on the meat and add more cheese!

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