Monday, March 22, 2010

taro in coconut milk - going against my rules has never tasted so good

taro in coconut milk - 21Okay- by now you should know that I hate this. I hate repeating recipes, especially reposting them here. I have thus far, not replicated a recipe exactly and then posted it as new entry (recall my numerous cookie and blondie adventures; well each time, the recipe or process has changed- so suck on that). Back to my bitching... I am against it. I think it's just stupid and a waste of time. This is not to say that I don't bake the same cookie recipe all the time while not posting them online (because I obviously do- to satisfy my picky eater on a weekly basis). With all that said, guess what I'm doing here- I am replicating a recipe- exactly.

taro in coconut milk - 01taro in coconut milk - 04
The only way I can justify my actions is that I love love this dish. I've never made it myself completely, and I really only get it eat it when at my mother's or grandmother's house.

taro in coconut milk - 08taro in coconut milk - 07
Being that I eat this dish once a year (if that), this deserves to have two posts here. In all it's simplistic glory, it embodies my childhood in a nutshell. The thought of it right now is making my mouth water. I can't even begin to fathom what life would be without such a recipe.

taro in coconut milk - 09taro in coconut milk - 11
Speaking of recipe, can this even be classified as one? All it is basically is peeled taro that gets boiled until tender, then mixed with coconut milk and onion. For such a peculiar concept, how could it taste so delicious and perfectly melded? No fucking idea but just take my word for it.

taro in coconut milk - 14taro in coconut milk - 15
So how could a recipe with just three ingredients get me so utterly wild? That too is unexplainable. But what really should be explained here is why I've never bothered to recreate it at my house; you know, being so simple and three ingredients and all.

taro in coconut milk - 23taro in coconut milk - 24
The answer is a combination of reasons. First, two out of those three ingredients are hard to come by. Taro is not so easily accessible here in New York (nor is the price appeasing to my eye). I honestly wouldn't even know where to go about obtaining this root vegetable, as I've never seen it in any grocery store I typically go to. The second ingredient is coconut milk, which through thorough examination I could possibly find. I know for sure it would hard as hell to find the specific brand Mama swears by, but hopefully others would do.

taro in coconut milk - 25
With all that said, I'm sure it's valid as to why I have deprived myself of this delicious dish. But thinking about it now, I guess it won't be such a bad idea to attempt to recreate this back at home. I mean, afterall, I am obsessed with this.


Recipe found here.

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