Sunday, February 14, 2010

valentine's day - truffles - the perfect way to use up old/hard cookies

cookie truffles (valentine's day) - 02After the Super Bowl, I had a few tupperwares left of the excess brownies and chocolate chip cookies. Remember how I cut them into cute little football shapes and whatnot.. Well you may be wondering as to what I did with those odd shaped crumbs. (No, I did not eat them... well, I ate a good amount, but definitely not all of it). I sneakily hid them, to be saved for a later purpose (a.k.a. now). My boyfriend actually caught me... He came across one of these tupperwares and was like "Are those mine?"... lol, what kind of creature have I created! Just because I have baked goods, doesn't automatically mean they are yours! (Well, they indeed were for him, he just didn't know it at the time.)

cookie truffles (valentine's day) - 31cookie truffles (valentine's day) - 30
I only had time to do the neiman marcus cookie crumbs and the blondie crumbs before Valentine's Day (the brownies were to come later). I also bought this cute little container and mini muffin liners for each truffle, to go with the whole gay pink/red theme.

cookie truffles (valentine's day) - 21
The ones with red candy coating and powdered sugar had the neiman marcus cookie pieces. For that batch, I placed all the excess cookies into the food processor, and dumped some vanilla frosting inside. I'm not sure how much frosting I used, as it depended on how much was needed to make it moist enough.

cookie truffles (valentine's day) - 22cookie truffles (valentine's day) - 26
Then I placed the mushy cookie mixture in the fridge to harden up. Once it was at the point where I could roll them into tight balls, I dipped them in the red coating and immediately sprinkled powdered sugar over them.

cookie truffles (valentine's day) - 29
They weren't that good to be quite honest. The canned frosting tasted horrible and I was pretty disappointed that the rest of the batches wouldn't come out as good either.

cookie truffles (valentine's day) - 07
I decided that for the blondies batch I'd use some leftover caramel butter frosting (from the caramel cupcakes) and mix it together.

cookie truffles (valentine's day) - 11cookie truffles (valentine's day) - 13
As for decorating them, I first dipped them in the white candy coating and them dribbled the red coating back and forth. These definitely looked a lot better.

cookie truffles (valentine's day) - 15
Mmm, these tasted a lot better too. It was probably because I used the frosting, but also because the blondie crumbs were a lot better tasting in the first place. Each little truffle had chopped nuts and small flecks of coconut. These white truffles were eaten up a lot faster than the red ones.

Made by myself

any leftover cookie/blondie/brownie crumbs
frosting or something similar
candy coating

1. Place cookie crumbs in food processor and pulse until tiny crumbs.
2. Slowly add frosting and mix. If it needs more moisture, then keep adding frosting until the batter had clumped until into a single ball.
3. Refrigerate until hard enough to roll into little balls, and then refrigerate the balls on a cookie sheet.
4. Roll into candy coating however desired.

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