Sunday, February 28, 2010

home fries - the perfect accompaniment for a healthy meal

home fries - 15To go with our healthy dinner of Asian chicken salad wraps, my boyfriend and I had home-fries on the side. (It didn't make sense to me either). My boyfriend who purposely wanted to eat healthy for dinner (and also wanted to torture me in doing so) also chose our side dish of greasy fried cubed potatoes. Granted, they aren't as bad as like french fries or other variations, but I mean it still wasn't by any means healthy for us. I didn't complain though- I mean, I can never turn down something greasy/fried. Not to mention that these were also an easy and quick fix for our tight schedule.

home fries - 01home fries - 02
While I readied a tray for the potatoes to be par-cooked, my boyfriend chopped up some red bell peppers and onions and threw them in the pan.

home fries - 05home fries - 06
Once the potatoes were tender enough, they were cut into block segments and dropped into the pan. Various seasonings were sprinkled on top, as the bottoms crisped up.

home fries - 08home fries - 10
Even through all the steam and heat I could see that the potatoes were browning nicely and beginning to take shape.

home fries - 12
And voila! In about 10 minutes or so, we (okay- more so my boyfriend) whipped up a fresh batch of home fries.

home fries - 15home fries - 18
Anyone that knows me should know that I'm not much of a potato fan (give me rice over potatoes any day), but these were surprisingly good.

home fries - 21
First of all, I love greasy food. What I also liked about these home fries was the little crispiness on the sides and such. Sometimes I think texture is even more important than taste, and in this case the combination of crunchy and tender was superb.


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