Monday, February 8, 2010

super bowl - warning: do not read if you are currently hungry- it'll only make you hungrier!

So what I learned about the Super Bowl was that it was the perfect excuse to cook, bake, indulge, and be a gluttonous pig. Our shitshow feast spanned an entire dining room table, ranging from the usual burgers and dip, to the not so typical adorably shaped brownies and our upscale crab cakes. Let's go back down memory lane to satiate my current hunger pangs.

Three Cheese Pinwheels
Recipe --- Flickr
three cheese pinwheels with crescent rolls (super bowl) - 25

three cheese pinwheels with crescent rolls (super bowl) - 29three cheese pinwheels with crescent rolls (super bowl) - 20
We started the day promptly and began with our appetizers of course. I premade the three different mini apps the night before and then baked them the day of the Super Bowl. These Three Cheese Pinwheels attempted to live up to their name, but just didn't succeed. While these may have be cheesy enough (or maybe even too cheesy) for others, they lacked the excessive amount of cheese that I was longing for. I'm not saying they weren't good- They actually tasted good for being Pillsbury crescent rolls and shredded cheese. The best part though was that they definitely subdued by cheese cravings for the time being.

Mini Bacon and Cheese Quiches
Recipe --- Flickr
mini bacon & cheese quiches with crescent rolls (super bowl) - 26
mini bacon & cheese quiches with crescent rolls (super bowl) - 28mini bacon & cheese quiches with crescent rolls (super bowl) - 17
What better to wash my mouth down with other than mini quiches? While these little babies looked adorable, the taste wasn't all that noteworthy. I attempted yet again to make something cheesy which didn't turn out so cheesy in the end. The best part about these little quiches though was that each handheld morsel contained all the necessitated food elements: Bread, Eggs, and Cheese. This way, instead of me searching for the required ingredients, I could just pop one of these little guys in my mouth and be satisfied.

Creamy Pesto Chicken Things
Recipe --- Flickr
pesto chicken appetizer with crescent rolls (super bowl) - 17
pesto chicken appetizer with crescent rolls (super bowl) - 18pesto chicken appetizer with crescent rolls (super bowl) - 21
Yeah- you heard me- they're called Creamy Pesto Chicken Things. It's my creation and I'll call it whatever I want. While these little smushed up balls of dough may look innocent, they were in fact not so. I'm not even sure if anyone else liked these, but all I know is that these were a winner in my book (maybe it was because they were cheesy and creamy?). Anyways, each rolled up biscuit packed a layer of chicken, pesto, and cheese... Need I say more?

Brown Sugar Cookies (Football Shaped)
Recipe --- Flickr
brown sugar cookies football shaped (super bowl) - 19
It just wouldn't be a real party if I didn't bake something. One of my many treats I brought were these Brown Sugar Cookies (courtesy of my new best friend- Cook's Illustrated). These cookies have (secretly) converted my sugar-cookie-hating boyfriend into a sugar-cookie-lover. They were chewy and sweet and moist and fit all my other requirements as being an awesome cookie.

Chocolate Chip Cookies (Football Themed Shaped)
Recipe --- Flickr
football shaped chocolate chip cookies (super bowl) - 06
While my thought process behind these cookies were sound, the outcome was not so satisfactory. I made one enormously large cookie (with the Neiman Marcus Cookie batter) and cut out the shapes while they were still warm. They were good...while they were warm... But then they hardened... and hardened some more... And then they were just plain hard. Nothing a few seconds in the microwave can't fix, I always say!

Butter Cookies (Indianapolis Colts & New Orleans Saints Decorated)
Recipe --- Flickr
football shaped cook's illustrated butter cookies (super bowl) - New Orleans Saints & Indianapolis Colts - 67
football shaped cook's illustrated butter cookies (super bowl) - New Orleans Saints & Indianapolis Colts - 82football shaped cook's illustrated butter cookies (super bowl) - New Orleans Saints & Indianapolis Colts - 87
You know it's a real party when I go apeshit over decorating something as meaningless as a cookie. I could have cared less if the cookies tasted good; all that mattered was that I get to show off my decorating skills (or lack thereof, sometimes). But I guess the planets and the stars were aligned properly, and for some odd reason these little cut out cookies tasted delicious! (Yet again- I'm hesitant to say this but the reason was probably because there was cream cheese in the batter.)

Ina Garten's "Outrageous Brownies" (Football Shaped)
Recipe --- Flickr
ina garten - outrageous brownies - football shaped (super bowl) - 29
ina garten - outrageous brownies - football shaped (super bowl) - 27ina garten - outrageous brownies - football shaped (super bowl) - 37
Finally- I can now say I have reached the culmination of my baking- I no longer have to bake another baked good now that I have baked the supreme and ultimate brownie. Ohhh who am I kidding... of course I'm not going to stop baking. But after one bite of these divine brownies, I was seriously contemplating packing up my belongings and moving to a far and secluded land where I could just bake and eat these brownies alone until the day that I die. - Yes, they were that good.

Potato Skins
potato skins (super bowl) - 02potato skins (super bowl) - 01
Okayyy... So enough of the sweets- Time for the savory! While I was busy baking (and indulging) in my goodies, my friend prepared her part of the meal- the potato skins. We baked the potatoes until they were soft, and then sliced them down the center and removed the insides. And then came the best part... you guessed it... Cheese! (oh and bacon, but who cares when there's cheese around!) I'm not gonna lie- for these photos I actually added a tad bit more melted cheese for my own liking (hehe).

Crab Cakes
Recipe --- Flickr
crab cakes (super bowl) - 30
crab cakes (super bowl) - 20crab cakes (super bowl) - 24
So do you think my boyfriend would sit on his hiney all day while the women were laboring away in the kitchen? Absolutely not. It was adorable actually- he was just as excited to plan the feast as I was. He prepared this entire dish by himself (minus the red bell pepper- I chopped that one!), without a recipe and without any help. I was pleasantly surprised at how scrumptious these were (which is saying a lot from a girl who doesn't like fishy food).

Mini Slider Burgers with Bacon & Cheese Spread
Recipe --- Flickr
mini slider burgers with bacon and blue cheese spread (super bowl) - 17
mini slider burgers with bacon and blue cheese spread (super bowl) - 13mini slider burgers with bacon and blue cheese spread (super bowl) - 15
I think every girl should find herself a man who knows how to make a damn good burger. First of all- this would save her from having to make one for him (because he already has the talent and skill to do it himself), and also more importantly because well, it's just freakin' delicious. I hate burgers that aren't juicy enough or not cheesy enough (go figure). The "cheese spread", as my boyfriend calls it, was on point and I didn't have that yearning for more cheese like I do for most foods. He basically just bumped up a few points in my book after that day.

So before I leave to go raid my fridge to stop myself from salivating to death because of hunger, let me show you the aftermath of our little feast.

super bowl food - before
This was us just getting started- before we even started preparing the food food. More than half the appetizers were eaten at this point, the bowl of dip my boyfriend's mother made was licked clean, and there were a good number of cookies/brownies missing by now. I have no idea how our tummies could have even tolerated the thought that the actual meals were yet to come.

super bowl food - after
So I guess our eyes were bigger than our stomachs; because these measly plates were the leftovers the following day. Don't discount our eating capabilities though- Imagine these heaping piles of food times 4 its size and that's what we probably originally started with. The sad part was that I knew this glorious bundle of food would decrease exponentially within a few days- Which it did. Goodbye delicious food; Hello diet.

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  1. Looks like your "Game Day" menu was quite complete and looked VERY tasty💜