Tuesday, December 15, 2009

creamy orzo pasta - with a chewy addition

orzo pasta w/ ricotta gnocchi - 08I've made a different version of creamy orzo pasta for my boyfriend before, which he really liked. I mean, who wouldn't like a Risotto-tasting pasta? The trick to using Orzo is to not cook it like regular pasta, but actually like Arborio rice. The starch from the pasta itself creates the cream, which results in a mock-Risotto dish. For some reason, I usually never fail at making him appetizing pasta. I wish I was this successful with my baked goods.

orzo pasta w/ ricotta gnocchi - 01orzo pasta w/ ricotta gnocchi - 02
Bacon and onion- Bacon needed for the meat component (so my boyfriend will eat it) and onion needed for flavor (obvi).

orzo pasta w/ ricotta gnocchi - 03ricotta gnocchi - 22
Fried and ready. I felt the bacon, onion, and garlic wasn't enough, and since I had a huge pan of Ricotta gnocchi staring at me, I had to add it as well.

orzo pasta w/ ricotta gnocchi - 06
The final dish. I ended up not having enough chicken stock to boil the orzo, so I used half beef stock. The result was interesting to say the least, but my boyfriend couldn't even notice the difference.

orzo pasta w/ ricotta gnocchi - 05
The gnocchi was slightly mushy (I love mushy, but the rest of the world apparently does not). My comments on this was that the "orzo was good" and the "gnocchi was weird". At least I got half right.

Not too sure.
First, I fried the bacon, onion, and garlic.
I used leftover orzo (like half a box) and toasted them in the grease.
Slowly added stock until I assumed it was done.
Somewhere along there I added parmesan cheese, butter, seasoning.
And yeah, I basically stood there mixing for a long time.

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