Sunday, December 20, 2009

rice krispie un-holiday house

rice krispies holiday house - 16"Babe, what do you wanna do on your birthday?"... - Build an enormous Rice Krispie mansion about 5 times larger than the "Holiday House" stated on the Kellogg's website. Basically that was my reply. My boyfriend, forced to comply with my requests on my birthday, came to my house and we began building our very first house together (:

rice krispies holiday house - 01rice krispies holiday house - 02
Yeah, I know I had extremely high expectations- building a house with 9x9 inch walls (let me put this in perspective... the Kellogg's recipe used 5 x 3.5 inch walls). My math skills came in handy here, as I designed the architecture myself.

rice krispies holiday house - 03rice krispies holiday house - 04
We ended up making 3 batches of the original recipe, leading to an emergency trip to 711 to gather more ingredients (not to mention my delish chili-cheese-dog YUM).

rice krispies holiday house - 05
While I was calculating and cutting my house into shape, my boyfriend relaxed on the couch and had a photo shoot with his puppy.

Meanwhile, the weather was getting really bad as more and more snow fell to the ground. Of course- it would downpour snow on my birthday two years in a row. So we had to pick up our numerous pans of rice krispies and move the construction to his house.

rice krispies holiday house - 06rice krispies holiday house - 07
It took a while, but our structure finally began to take shape. The royal icing wasn't hardening (probably because it was so warm inside the house) so my boyfriend suggested we move it outside where it was much cooler. Notice the snow already on the table- that should have been the first sign that this was not a good idea.

rice krispies holiday house - 08
So the roof was extremely heavy (I didn't take the weight of the roof into consideration while constructing the dimensions) and so the back collapsed slightly. I tried to rehabilitate the house with the kebab skewers lol. It really doesn't look as bad as it was before.

rice krispies holiday house - 10
The final house! It is adorable, I know. The house is complete with a Sweettarts walkway, Tootsie roll trees, M&M shingles, and powdered sugar for snow. The Hershey's Kisses served double duty of course, for my Peanut Butter Blossoms I planned on baking.

rice krispies holiday house - 12rice krispies holiday house - 09
It is so freakin' adorable that I can't even take it!

rice krispies holiday house - 14
I tried to hide the skewers by adding colored candies to distract the viewer... nope didn't really work.

rice krispies holiday house - 16
So as we were leaving to grab some birthday dinner for me, I asked my boyfriend if it was okay if we left the house outside. He said yes, I listened, so the blame should be on the both of us (but I still place majority of the fault on him lol).

rice krispies holiday house - 18rice krispies holiday house - 19
Results: It looks realistic (because it is REAL snow), but it is ruined and completely inedible (because of the snow).

rice krispies holiday house - 17rice krispies holiday house - 20
The cuteness factor has decreased by 100%, and is replaced by unhappiness.

rice krispies holiday house - 21rice krispies holiday house - 22
All I wanted to do was eat rice krispies but now I couldn't even do that!

rice krispies holiday house - 23
Although the snow ruined my Holiday House, it did give me my friend Lumpy.

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