Monday, December 7, 2009

oreo cupcakes - the best drunken decision ever

oreo cupcakes - 10Saturday night we had another double date, this time at my house. My boyfriend cooked us dinner as the three of us sat back, drank beer, and watched TV- what a great boyfriend right? After a bit of drinking, the other girlfriend and I had the brilliant idea to bake something! (Well, I was yearning to bake something the entire night and kept throwing hints at her). I still had leftover box cake mix (I have no idea why I bought so many in the first place) and I had a box of Oreos laying around (by Oreos, I actually mean a cheap knockoff brand that I bought on sale). Mixing these two ingredients together equal delicious Oreo Cupcakes!

oreo cupcakes - 02
We crumpled up the Oreos and added them to the batter (my fixed box cake mix recipe of course, the one I used for the cupcakes for our neighbors).

oreo cupcakes - 05oreo cupcakes - 07
Half the batch had chocolate frosting and the other half had vanilla.

oreo cupcakes - 17
Both frosting flavors also had crushed Oreos mixed in as well.

oreo cupcakes - 11oreo cupcakes - 12
For the final batch I dropped an Oreo at the bottom of the cupcake liner to give it a crust-like bottom.

oreo cupcakes - 14

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