Saturday, December 26, 2009

chicken alfredo - without the alfredo

chicken alfredo pasta - 20Enough of sweets- Let me show you how a baker cooks! Actually, I can't cook very many things, and I can't cook them well either. I'm really only good at following directions, and I'm horrible at improvising. For some unknown reason, I attempted to make an actual meal for my grandma before I left. Narrowing it down to pastas (because that is basically my span of cooking abilities) she chose Alfredo as her favorite. Perfect- cream, cheese, and butter- how hard can that be?

chicken alfredo pasta - 01chicken alfredo pasta - 03
Grandma is in with the whole wheat trend apparently. Into the salty pasta water it goes.

chicken alfredo pasta - 05chicken alfredo pasta - 07
The boiling pasta was the easy part- This part, I don't know. I've never made Alfredo sauce before, even with how easy it sounds. But for some reason, after tasting it, it just didn't taste like alfredo that I've had before.

chicken alfredo pasta - 09chicken alfredo pasta - 11
I let the sauce simmer for a bit, and it finally came together. I mixed it with the pasta and it surprisingly tasted good. The only thing was that the whole wheat pasta was so grainy in texture compared to the smoothness of the sauce- it just didn't mix well.

chicken alfredo pasta - 12chicken alfredo pasta - 15
I felt it needed something more, so I added some chicken breast. The pieces were cut smaller and I made a little sauce to add with the pasta.

chicken alfredo pasta - 16
Something went wrong though (it always does right?)- The pasta and alfredo sauce had already melded together and decided to stick firmly to the (non-stick) pot while I made the chicken. So once I attempted to mix the chicken in, I soon learned I could not mix anything, and by doing so, I broke a ton of spaghetti strands and made a big mess everywhere.

chicken alfredo pasta - 22
So I turned the heat on, hoping to melt the stuck sauce- only to learn that it made it harder to remove. Needless to say, it took a while and quite a few spaghetti strands paid the price for it, but I eventually got the pasta out safely.

chicken alfredo pasta - 19
Overall, the entire dish tasted great. It had all the creamy-fattening taste it deserved (and obviously was not lacking in the cheesiness department, as can be seen in this photo). My only issue is that I wasn't able to twirl my fork around the pasta like I usually do- This could be because most strands were no longer than 3 inches, and also because it wasn't creamy in a liquid-y-sense. So in essence, it was not an Alfredo sauce unfortunately- But in all respects, it was tasty even so.

Basic Alfredo recipe from All Recipes.

2 tablespoons butter
1/2 cup heavy cream
1/2 clove garlic, crushed
3/4 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese (not freshly grated, which could also be a factor in the results)

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