Tuesday, December 22, 2009

christmas cookie gift box - with no one to give it to

I constantly have these crazy ideas in my head...
1. I actually have friends.
2. I will have enough time to bake a hundred batches of cookies.
3. I'm a very good baker.

All the above statements are false; and I continue to prove this to myself time after time. Example #1: Halloween. I baked and decorated at least 50 cupcakes...What happened to them? I didn't have anyone to give them to and most of them went to waste. Example #2: Girl Scout Samoas. I took an entire day (10 hours, with breaks of course) to bake a batch of half-hard half-soft cookies. Example #3: Banana Bread. If I can't bake a good batch of banana bread, what good am I?

So anyways, in my dream world, I baked a huge batch of assorted tasty holiday-ish cookies and delivered them to all of my lovely friends. In the real world I ended up baking a few batches of mediocre cookies and distributed them to three sources - my boyfriend, my roommate, and my grandma. That was basically my holiday baking in a bubble.

Whatever, I have awesome Christmas portraits of each of them, and they need all the attention they can get (poor little fellows).

Apple Pie Cookies

apple pie cookies - 22

What first turned out to be an experiment, later was forced into my cookie-gift-box because I didn't have enough time to bake any more cookies. Thank goodness I had leftover dough just chillin' in my fridge. They taste was okay, but nothing spectacular.

Peanut Butter Blossoms

peanut butter blossom cookies - 09
Anyone who loves peanut butter will probably love these cookies. Too bad my boyfriend doesn't, and he's the only one I'm really aiming to please. What was also too bad was that I nearly chopped off my fingers trying to saw off the burnt tar side of the cookie.

Melting Moments Cookies

melting moments cookie - 06
Probably my best rated cookie out of the bunch. I definitely could have done better though- I should have made them smaller and baked them less.

Eggnog Cookies

eggnog cookies - 13
These came out pretty good, as long as no one knew they were eggnog. Other than that, probably a recipe I'll never make again.

Sugar Cookies

christmas sugar cookies - 17
You know what, I am not giving up on this recipe. I'm almost positive if I baked them less, they will taste like the cookies I'm used to. Also, for the icing, I need to make it more flavorful. I was strictly aiming for the look here, and didn't bother with a more tasty royal icing recipe. So here I come future-sugar-cookie-recipe-number-4!

I need to step up my game, and possibly make some friends who don't mind eating cookies all day.

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